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All the courses organized and maintained by IIT-ian

Courses for Board Students (IX - XII):

  • ICSE (IX-X): Programming in Bluej in detail.
    Help in Projects and assignments given from school.

  • ISC (XI-XII): Computer Science (BlueJ, Boolean Algebra)
    Help in Projects & Assignments.

  • CBSE (XI-XII): Computer Science/Informatics (C++/Python & Boolean Algebra)
    Help in Projects & Assignments.

  • Game Programming in Holidays (Using Greenfoot technologies(Powered by Bluej))
    This course help the students to know about object oriented programming, acquiring skills in managing images, motion sensing, audio visual control by programming.

  • Programming Competitions.
Here in Programming Hub we assures that student must get 95% or above in boards.

Courses For Engineering Students:
  • Core Java
  • Graphics Programming using java
  • UML
  • Object oriented programming with C++ (C++ 11 standards)
  • C -Language
  • Data structures and algorithms.
  • Computer Organization
  • Computer Architecture
  • Digital Design
  • Unix Programming


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